Restaurants Association
of the Canavese tradition

The “Association of Canavese Tradition Restaurants” was born in 1996 from the idea of ​​some Canavese restaurateurs with the aim of preserving and promoting local food and wine. The intent is to enhance the territory and in particular food and wine through some clear common objectives such as the spread of recipes that have disappeared or fallen into disuse, the use of indigenous raw materials, the promotion of the territory and the local food and wine culture also thanks to important events that go beyond Italy.
Our symbol: La Tofeja
The stylized tofeja, with the representation of the flame in the lower part which at the same time is a reference to the classic dovetail merlons of the castles, is our logo that seals the union between territory and food and wine: the castles and the Canavese cuisine.
To welcome each of our rooms there is a terracotta tofeja from Castellamonte.
Local products and traditional dishes
Some of our restaurants are located in mountain areas, others near lakes and others in cities of art but the specialties proposed according to seasonality are common to all and satisfy even the most demanding palates.
With the approach of autumn the classic stuffed onions, cabbage soup, and Caponet (rolls of Verza di Montalto Dora stuffed with meat) are not to be missed, as well as dishes based on porcini mushrooms, chestnuts and vine fruits . On colder winter days, the typical Tofeja (bean soup and pork rinds cooked for hours on low heat in the typical terracotta pot of Castellamonte) and products derived from pork processing such as potato salami, batsoà, the financier alla Bagna Caoda and the great mixed fried food of the Piedmontese tradition.
Among the lake fish we remember the whitefish of Lake Viverone. Do not miss the exquisite Valchiusella trout, as well as local cheeses, each with flavors and aromas typical of its own valley including the salignun, the tomini, the Tometta di Trausella and the Cevrin della Valchiusella.
In spring, when the snow melts and the first grass grows, it is time for spontaneous herbs: the chefs then let themselves be inspired by their creativity by offering fresh and delicious dishes as well as the traditional ajucca soup, the undisputed queen of the season.
Desserts include martin secs cooked in Carema red wine and spices, Bonet, Zabajone with Erbaluce di Caluso Passito accompanied by Torcetti with butter or Chivasso Nocciolini or other dry pastry specialties including Paste di Meliga and Canestrelli .

(The information is taken from the book “RESTAURANTS ASSOCIATION OF THE CANAVESAN TRADITION. 1996—2016: twenty years of Canavesan history”.)

Al Cantun del Lago
Via Sottorivara, 2 – Candia Canavese ( Lake area)  (TO)
Tel .: 011.9834540
Closed on Sunday evening
and Monday evening
€ 13 – € 35

Antica Locanda Dell’Orco
Via Ivrea, 109 – Rivarolo Canavese (TO)
Tel .: 0124.425101 locandadellorco@alice.it
Closed on Mondays
€ 35 – € 45

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 19
Pont Canavese (TO)
Tel .: 0124.85153
Closed on Tuesday
€ 25 – € 35

Casa Vicina 
Via Nizza, 224 – Turin
Inside Eataly
Tel .: 011.19506840
Closed on Monday and Sunday evening
€ 85 – € 130

Chalet del Lago
Borgata Pian della Balma, 10
Ceresole Reale (TO)
Tel .: 0124.953128
Summer always open
Winter by reservation
€ 23 – € 40

Del Monte
Via Torino, 7/11
Colleretto Giacosa (TO)
Tel .: 0125.76426
Closed on Mondays
€ 32 – € 48

La Mugnaia
Via Arduino, 53 – Ivrea (TO)
Tel .: 0125.40530
Closed on Mondays
€ 30 – € 40

La Rocca
Via Re Arduino, 6 – Sparone (TO)
Tel .: 0124.808867
Open weekends and holidays
€ 30 – € 40

La Tettoia
Via I. Peronetto, 8
Bienca di Chiaverano (TO)
Tel .: 0125.798008
Closed on Thursday
€ 20 – € 40

Lake Region – Meugliano 1 Val di Chy (TO)
Tel .: 0125.74594
Closed on Monday
€ 28 – € 38

Locanda Del Sole
Via Roma, 16 – Chivasso (TO)
Tel .: 011.19010520
Closed on Monday for lunch
€ 30 – € 40

Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 4 Traversella (TO)
Tel .: 0125.794006
From September 15th to June 15th
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
€ 28 – € 40

Trattoria Tipica Scudo di Francia
Via Principe Amedeo, 30 – Agliè
Tel.: 0124.33354
closed Monday, from Tuesday to Sunday open for lunch
Friday and Saturday also dinner
€ 25 – € 35

Ristorante Giuanun
Via Leopoldo Neuscheller, 9
Tel.: 011.9700009
C. 333.7224117
Chiuso domenica sera
€ 25 – € 35

Trattoria La Tòpia
Via Tolosano, 18
Tel.: 0124.348668
C. 338.9552165
Closed Sunday evening and Monday
€ 35 – € 45

Canastrel Osteria del Fritto
strada Vallo, 3
10017 Montanaro (TO)
Tel.: 347.2765291 – 347.72765460